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Breakfast of Champions: 3 Quick & Easy Meals You Can Eat On The Go

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It gives you energy and focus and also kick-starts your metabolism. For these reasons and various others, many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health. So why is it so many people think it’s ok to skip this meal? Here are 3 answers to solve your time problem. Quick and easy breakfast recipes for meals you can eat on the go.

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The Truth About Alkaline Water: All Hype or As Beneficial As They Claim?

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For some time now there’s been a lot of buzz over alkaline water and it’s benefits. I’ve seen articles saying it helps with digestion, cancer, and other ailments. I’ve even read that it reduces the signs of aging. Water that’s literally fountain of youth. Doesn’t sound so bad right? Anyway, I figured I would do some further investigating. I wanted to see if it was worth replacing my bottled water with alkaline. Was this all hype or are the benefits of alkaline water proven to be worth the lifestyle change?

Best 30-Day Colon Detox

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Detoxification is a critical to every wellness and nutrition plan to ensure your body stays healthy and strong, as explained in 6 Keys to Health & Wellness. There are so, so many different detox programs out there. However, I always tell people to BE CAUTIOUS about what products and regimens are used to detox your body. Today we will focus on detoxing the colon.

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3 Self-care Products You Need to Stop Using Now: How to Quickly Improve Your Health

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Today I wanted to focus on three small items we use daily that can easily be adjusted to improve our bodies. Often times when people attempt to improve their health they tend to focus on two main things, their diet and exercise regiment. While these two areas play a large part in your overall health and wellness, it is imperative that improvement of your health is approached as a shift in your entire lifestyle not just those two areas.

6 Condiments to Avoid at the Summer BBQ

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With summer time in full swing, more and more people are finding themselves at a BBQ. It’s that time of year where rain or shine folks are finding a reason to invite friends and family over and throw their favorite foods on the grill. It’s also around this time when sticking to a healthy eating regiment gets 10x harder! I have to admit, I love the summer time mainly because of warm weather and weekend cookouts. But next time you’re at that cookout, there are 6 condiments you may want to think twice about adding to your hot dog or hamburger.

3 Must Have Essential Oils for Daily Nutrition: Why You Should Add These to Your Regimen Today

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Studies show that over 68% (as of 2015 CRN suervey) of adults take vitamin supplements. Which is great news, given our countries battle with obesity and healthy eating choices. Let’s face it, how many of us have gone to the Dr. thinking we are rather healthy eaters only to be told we are iron or vitamin D deficient? However, seems like by in large, Americans aren’t in denial about the fact that their foods alone aren’t providing all the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed for the body to function optimally. Yay America!!
BUT guess what guys, we need not just stop at supplements. We need to include 3 key essential oils in our daily regiment.

10 Essential Oils for the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had: How to Beat Insomnia Naturally

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No one realizes how important quality sleep is to optimal body and brain function until they are unable to fall asleep. Sleep deprivation actually increases stress response within the body which disrupts normal healing, tissue rejuvenation, reduces human growth hormone and testosterone production, impacts digestion, immunity, mood, and cognitive function. Insomnia can really do a number on you in addition to all of these things, you just feel awful. Let’s talk about how essential oils can help with this issue!

6 Keys to Health & Wellness: Simple Steps to a Better You

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Dear readers, I have some good news and some bad news for you. Bad news is, there isn’t just ONE key to living a happy and healthy life. Sorry guys, this thing is going to take some work. No easy fix, no amount of money, no secret work out plan…nothing is going solve all of your health goals. Good news is, if you focus on 6 key areas of your lifestyle, they will help in achieving overall health and wellness.